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Merrimack Valley Prospects FAQ

How much does the program cost?

The cost of the program at the 10u thru 12u level is 800 and 13u thru 15u is 900. This will be broken down into three payments.  The cost includes weekly fall practices, indoor training this winter starting at the end of January, sixteen to twenty games this spring (typically double headers on Sunday's) and full uniforms.  The rest of the fees goes to pay for AAU league fees, umpires, insurance, equipment, etc...

Are there are other costs?

Besides the fuel costs to get yourself to games there will also most likely be one overnight trip which would require a hotel.  In the past we have booked a block of rooms at a hotel for a discounted rate.  

What are the next steps after tryouts?

After tryouts we will determine the makeup of the teams and send an offer letter to those who have made the team.  You would accept by signing our team handbook and putting down a deposit.

How will the schedule conflict with local rec leagues?

We have designed the Prospects program to compliment the spring rec league season.  There should be little to no conflicts.  Before the rec season starts, Prospects games will be on Saturday's and Sunday's.  Once rec league starts, Prospects games are only on Sunday's for 9U - 12U.

How far do we travel for games?

Games are throughout New England.  Home games are in the Nashua area. Most away games no more than 45 to 90 minutes away although some could be a little further.  Expect to be traveling south into MA in April because their fields are ready sooner and we'll have more home games in May.

Multi-Sport Policy

A player should make Prospects the number one priority during the spring and summer seasons. We encourage our players to participate in other sports during the fall and winter. Missing a Prospects winter workout for another sport is OK. However, once the Prospects game schedule begins, we expect that to take priority over all other sporting commitments.

What about Cooperstown?

For those that don't know, the elite tournamenttravel experience for 12 year old baseball players is the Cooperstown Dreams Park.  The tournament is at a complex with over 20 lighted fields in Cooperstown NY near the Baseball Hall of Fame.  All summer long they have tournaments with 100 teams coming in per week from all over the country. Teams get on the waiting list years ahead of time.  The Prospects are on the waiting list and expect to have a spot for our 12 year old team although that will not be confirmed until October or November. The Prospects plan to send a team to Cooperstown every year although this is not a part of the normal program and will incur an additional cost.  

We will put together a special team to go on this trip however players who are a part of the normal team automatically get a spot if they would like to go.  We will be putting together fundraising programs to help families offset the cost of the trip. 

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